Waimea South’s Publications

The society has produced several different publications in recent years.  These have made extensive use of our collection of photographs housed in the Tasman District Library and available on-line.  The publications listed below are available from the library in Richmond or by contacting the society’s president or secretary. Some are available from the Wakefield library.

1.  Postcards and notecards of historical scenes in Wakefield. Available in blue or sepia with envelope. Pictures show: Wakefield school, railway station, post office opening, Edward St/main road intersection, Wakefield hotel, the boundary dispute.  (Notecards and postcards can be bought singly or in packs of 4 and 8 at reduced prices.)

Wakefield railway station

2.  “Remember Me” a calendar for recording significant yearly events (birthdays, anniversaries etc.)  A5 opening to A4 with a different photo for each month.  Use as a notebook or wall hanging. (Price $8.00)

A calendar of important events designed for every year.

The celebrated Wakefield boundary dispute

3.  “From River to Range.  Notable families, places of interest and events in the Waimea South area produced to mark the 150th year of settlement in 1992. (Price $10.00)

4. Bumper Stickers

Opening of the new Wakefield post office

A bumper sticker advertising the society is now available for $2.00 from the secretary. Buy one to give to your friends.



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