An Irish Connection

Tuesday 28th February – our first meeting for 2012.  At 7.30pm in the Wakefield Library Roger Quinney spoke of his family’s new life in Motupiko after the arrival of his great grandfather William in 1856 on the Emma Colvin.  Settling first in Spring grove, they later moved to Motupiko in 1863 where a family of 11 children was eventually born and raised and the family became one of the most prominent in the district.  The camping ground at Quinney’s Bush is run today by a descendant of William.

Roger’s ancestors can be traced back to the 4th century and the name Quinney comes from the Irish Coinnach.

One family connection which we found most interesting was the marriage of Thomas Quinney to Shakespeare’s daughter Judith.

The Quinney arms and historical background

Roger Quinney with the Quinney coat of arms


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  1. Kerry Brewerton | Reply

    that is really interesting. I have been looking at my family tree (Brewerton) and William Quinney married Sarah Anne Brewerton in 1859. They were lively times.
    There was a stoush at a School meeting which involved the Quinneys and the Brewertons and some pick axe handles. George Brewerton was thrown out the door – Nelson Mail- 5 May 1897.
    William Quinney bought a neighbouring farm at Motupiko to his Father in law and brother.
    I would love some more details of the Quinney family if there is a written history.

    1. Glad you have found a branch of your family, Kerry. Have just spoken to Roger Quinney and he would love to talk to you. If you look up his number in the Nelson & Bays New Zealand White Pages and give him a ring, you can set up a convenient way of making contact. The best time would be in the evenings or the weekend. He does have internet access. Cheers.

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