May 22nd 2012 Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd May 2012 we held our AGM in the newly re-painted Wakefield Library.  About half our financial membership were present.   The current president, Roger Batt, completed his 3 year term and a new president, Wayne Price,  was elected. Jeanine Price (secretary) and Laurie Dale (treasurer) were re-elected unopposed.

John Dearing, our Vice-President, gave an interesting and informative talk about the history and customs of Samoa based on the year he spent there working for a travel agency.  He established a link with Wakefield when he told us that  the son of Dr Hugh Pearless (long- time serving doctor in the district) was one of the missing crew of the Joyita which was found completely abandoned, but still afloat in the Pacific in 1955.

John Dearing speaking at our AGM on 22 May 2012 on his time in Samoa.

A round, wooden, watertight box to contain valuable items in a canoe.

A woman holds a handful of palalo, the spawn of a worm which lives in the coral that can be caught on only one night of the year.

A bowl for preparing Kava.

John is wearing a painted necklace of pandanus seeds and holding a fue, held by chiefs when speaking on important occassions.


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