Dunpuffin rests easy in 88 Valley

It was a sunny Autumn afternoon for our visit to Pam and Colin Ladley’s homestay and rustic furniture workshop in 88 Valley.  There was much to see and appreciate.  Colin showed us the home- built moving bandsaw which he uses to cut up the huge macrocarpa logs to provide timber for his range of rustic furniture.Dunpuffin 011Dunpuffin 003Dunpuffin 002

Dunpuffin 019The 1931 railway carriages from Picton, joined end to end, and the adjoining lounge, kitchen/dining and bathroom facilities further illustrated his andDunpuffin 030 Pam’s imagination and inventiveness.Dunpuffin 016Dunpuffin 023

Dunpuffin 039Dunpuffin 038The expansive garden designed around a large pond below the terrace on which their house is built was further evidence of their quirky ideas and sense of humour.Dunpuffin 040  It was a wonderful place to linger and enjoy the quiet of the countryside.Dunpuffin 033

Inside the house Pam’s extensive collection of ceramics and porcelain (housed in 10 china cabinets!) was an Alladin’s cave of wonder.Dunpuffin 044Dunpuffin 042Dunpuffin 041

Through their hard work and imagination they have transformed a typical valley livestock holding into a business with at least three sources of income.  Their  “farm” was an eye-opener to us and we all appreciated their energy and creativity.

How many hours are there in the day?  More than 24 for the Ladleys.


One response

  1. This place is fabulous. Great people and fascinating and unusual accommodation. You must visit when you’re in the Wakefield district.
    Andrew and Barbara Bailey
    PS We bought this amazing table and shipped it back to the UK !

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