Current Programme for July to November 2013

Wed 24 July.  Venue:  Constance Barnicoat Room (TDC Library)

2pm                    Guest Speaker:  Neil Puklowski

Neil speaks about growing up at Lake Rotoiti and introduces a book he has  written with his cousin, Graeme Godbaz, titled  A Place Called Tophouse.

Mon 26 Aug  Venue:   Constance Barnicoat Room (TDC Library)

10.30am             Guest Speaker:  Christine Hunt Daniell

Christine introduces her new book – Just an Orange for Christmas  about elderly folk living in the Wairarapa.  Many will know her other books about old people: I’m 95 – Any Objections and Speaking a Silence.

Thur 26 Sept  Venue:  Constance Barnicoat Room (TDC Library)

2pm                       Guest Speaker:  Warren Thomas

Warren will speak about The Gables at Waimea West.  There is a possibilty of visiting the house after his talk.

Wed 23 Oct  Venue:  Kohatu Flat Rock Cafe (formerly Kohatu Hotel)

12 noon           Meet at the Wakefield Village carpark to carpool. ($10.00 per  peson when    travelling with someone else.)

The owner will talk about the history of the hotel.  Cafe lunch to follow.

Tues 26 Nov  Venue:  Christine Grieder’s home:  79 Wakefield/Kohatu highway

11am                     Lunch  This is our Christmas celebration and final function for the year.  Bring food to share and a $5.00 gift.  There will be a quiz.


Contact Secretary:  Jeanine Price on 03-542-3033 for further information




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