Nelson’s 175th Anniversary Year of European Settlement

On the 1st February, 2017, it will be 175 years since the first four emigrant ships: Fifeshire, Mary Ann, Lloyds and Lord Auckland arrived in Nelson Haven, carrying our pioneer ancestors from Britain. Over the course of the year 15 more would follow.
We would like to encourage all families clubs, societies and organisations in the Nelson Province to recognise this in some way during the year.
We would also like to publish in Window on Wakefield photographs of any houses in and around Wakefield which were built before 1920. We may have a photo of your house on file, but if you think we haven’t please feel free to send us one (the most interesting side) in jpg format. Include the name of the family who first owned it and (if possible) the year of construction as well as your address.
Send your e-mail to the address printed in the magazine
With the title: Nelson’s 175th Birthday


2 responses

  1. I am sure you already have a photo or two of the Webby Homestead, 88 Valley, Wakefield? My grandmother was Helen Gertrude Webby and she was born there. She was my paternal grandmother, my maternal grandfather was Roderick Francis Walker also from Nelson, his father was Allison Richardson Walker.

    regards, Louise Drake

    1. There is one in Marion Stringer’s book Another Row of Spuds but we do not have a good original copy. If you had a more original print, and were able to scan it, you could send it in as an attachment.

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