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Our Visit to the Wakefield Steam Museum – now Higgins Heritage Park

On a rather unpromising Tuesday in September several of our members travelled to Wakefield to visit the Steam Museum in Pigeon Valley.

WSHS Higgins Heritage Park Visit 26th Sept 2017 004

The three vintage cars used to transport members to the Heritage Park from Wakefield. The one in the centre sports a petrol cap of a “Flying Quail”.

WSHS Higgins Heritage Park Visit 26th Sept 2017 002

Our tour guide, Allan Palmer, has a wealth of knowledge to impart without which the visit would have been much less valuable.

Our host,  Allan Palmer,  treated us to a very interesting and informative tour of the complex providing us with information that he had acquired over the years he has been associated with developing it.WSHS Higgins Heritage Park Visit 26th Sept 2017 006WSHS Higgins Heritage Park Visit 26th Sept 2017 008

The Park hopes to be able to establish on the railway reserve beside the Wakefield Pharmacy on the corner of Edward Street and Clifford Road  with Council approval,  a replica of one of the steam engines as an advertising signpost to the site in Pigeon Valley.


If you haven’t been to the Park, the best time to pay a visit is when some of the machinery is working which is on the first Sunday of the month from September to March.  This is also the time that the heritage village of ‘Willow Bank’ (see article on this site) owned by Christine Grieder (just up the main road over the Jimmy Lee Bridge) is also open to the public – another “must see” venue in Wakefield – a settlement planned by Edward Gibbon Wakefield and the New Zealand Company 175 years ago this year.