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Whitefriars Enjoys 141 years of History

Waimea South members held their first meeting of 2017 in a house built in 1876 on land purchased by Jacob Watson who, together with his wife Alice, arrived in Nelson on the Clifford in May 1842.
This was particularly appropriate in a province which, this year, celebrates 175 years of European settlement.
The two storey wooden structure built of pit-sawn timber and more recently added to by

Whitefriars about 1915. A young Gordon Wadsworth being held in the arms of his father.

Whitefriars - Colin Mann 034

Whitefriars – view of the north-eastern side.

Whitefriars - Colin Mann 041

All the way from Fife. A grandfather clock stands proudly in the sitting room

American boat builder Brian Bennett, is the second house on this block of land. The first (site not yet discovered) was built of cob by Jacob who at 23 was extremely competent in this medium as well as stone. He constructed the first Wakefield School, part of which lasted until the 1970’s.
The house was first called The Pines but in the 1960’s the named changed to Whitefriars.
Jacob and Alice had 5 children. The youngest, Violet, married Thomas Wadsworth some time in the 1890’s.

Jacob died in 1888 and after Violet’s marriage, Alice moved into a house on a terrace across the main road overlooking the Wai-iti Church of Christ. She had been acting as a midwife for the local women and had passed these skills on to her daughter who, as well as bringing up 5 children of her own, continued in her mother’s profession.

Whitefriars - Colin Mann 039

Susie, Bryan and their pet dog.

Bryan and Susie Houston from Fife, Scotland, are now the proud and energetic owners of Whitefriars. They are lovers of old houses and have plans to develop the lifestyle block with heritage plants and trees: roses, fruit trees and possibly (if conditions are right) a truffle woodlot. Animals, cats, dogs (one a Leonberger), and peacocks are also part of the picture.

Our group enjoyed their friendly hospitality on a sunny and warm autumn afternoon.Whitefriars - Colin Mann 035 It was a wonderful way to begin a heritage year in Nelson.